My name is Steven John Pile and I am 43 years old originally from the U.K, I have lived half my life in Asia/Middle East/Europe working within the financial sector.

Firstly, I am a husband and father of 3 fantastic children, a close second to that in my life is business and the cryptocurrency market/blockchain research & development.

I am a dynamic, versatile and self-motivated professional CEO with over 17 years of experience in innovating business solutions; sales development; sales management; forecasting; strategies to increase profit and client experience with impactful market presence to attract new investors and potential collaborations.

Successfully conducted research to improve business and sales strategies and revamped international branding. Not only supervised but trained many novices over the years by polishing their skills and providing guidance in the mainstream work field.

Aspire to further serve as a promotor of smart business management.


-Business Development
-Sales Management
-Investment Banking
-Portfolio Management
-Territory Growth Management New Product Launch
-Market Research & Competitor Analysis Strategic Business Planning/Analysis Contract Management
-Account Management/Development Recruiting and Staffing Initiatives
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