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Re-Creating Venture Capital for the Masses

Launch your project right here in CoStudio with ISO. ISO is not only for coins/tokens but for apps or creative work as well. If the project is not based on blockchain the the funding is done via stable coins or $Studio.

What makes Initial Studio Offering so unique is that if the owner of the project cannot provide required liquidity CoStudio will back projects which meet certain criterias

CoStudio creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors.

Make an Investment In The Future You Believe In

Access highly-vetted investment opportunities
in startups, real estate, video games, and crypto.

Become An Investor

Individual and institutional investors
invest $10–$100,000 per deal on ISO


Learn About Projects Before You Invest

ISO eligible listings offer a landing page to keep investors informed. 

Sign Up and Deposit 20$

Potential Investors are required to deposit 20$ into escrow vault to protect the project funding and investor’s slot


Invest in Projects

When a project is open to funding you can come back and use 20$ deposit and additional funds to invest 

Possible Additional Rounds for Remaining Tokens or Funding

If a project does not get enought funding due to potenial investors not showing up then the project can have another funding round

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