The harbinger to my crypto investing journey was when I bought my first $BTC under $1000 USD in 2015; after being introduced to this new asset class by a client who wanted to pay me in crypto. From that moment on, I was hooked when I realized all it's possibilities.

My passion for trading and earnest desire for financial freedom led me to an obsessive, diligent study into trading and investing. It eventually lead me to become a consistent, full-time trader in 2017. This also happened to be the height of the ICO boom. During this period I joined a crypto hedge-fund as a researcher and lead trader. I then continued working with them for 2 yrs. At the peak our team got into most of the seed rounds of the top Layer 2 scaling solutions and dexes (Harmony One, Ascendex, and many others). We also amassed about 100 million in investments for our investors from a starting seed capital of 10 million.

Fast Forward to today, I am excited to explore this great new venture with the Co-Studio team and can't wait to bring this strong utilitarian project to market.
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